CAMEO is committed to education and through the much appreciated efforts of Sara Barry we have sponsorship of a number of class offerings.

Below is the current list of classes which CAMEO can offer. Please check the Calendar section of this website for a list of current classes being offered each month.

CE-0043000 CAM  Anger Management and Mediating Problem Situations 
         CE-0016000 CAM Parliamentary Procedures and the Homeowners Association

         CE-0146000 GEN Understanding Financials

    CE-0119000 -  NAC 116:185 – 2e – 4: Policies and Procedures will take an in-depth look at all of the processes that Supervisory CAMs should have in place what those processes may look like. (Currently being revised and updated)

    CE-0120000 NAC 116:185 – Supervisory CAM Basic Overview takes an in-depth look at who the supervisory CAM may be supervising - and discusses the management of people.

    CE - 0187002 LAW - Legislative Update for the CIC Community

    ...and more classes as they become available.


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